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Folkcraft® Mountain Dulcimer String Set, Baritone, Loop Ends (.014" .014" .022BW" .036"BW)

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These Folkcraft brand baritone dulcimer strings sound amazing and are designed for baritone dulcimers, which are typically tuned in the key of A, or a 4th below a standard dulcimer. The tone and warmth you get with these strings is amazing and is sure to provide great feel as well.

Strings in this set:
Melody strings (2): .014
Middle string: .022BW
Bass string: .034BW

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great Service!

You can always count on Folkcraft for great products and service!

Ball end strings

I used Folkcraft stri gs on a 1970s David Mark's mountain dulcimer I found at an auction. I also order the Synthetic nut and bridges. I had to make the nut and bridge thinner in order to fit in the dulcimer slots as well as trim their length to the width of the bridge. Both the strings and nut and bridge brought this instrument back to life with a wonderful haunting sound!

Great Dulcimer Strings

The best all around dulcimer strings. Have them on all my dulcimers. Fast shipping too.

Beautiful to look at and hear

Thank you for building my custom mountain dulcimer. It is butternut on top and African mahogany sides and bottom. It is the 8 1/2 inch bout, with extra frets. The extra frets make it so easy to play C chords without having to move way up the fretboard. And capoing to G, makes chord formation even easier with the extra 8 1/2 fret. Thank you for building such a lovely instrument!

Great strings

These are the only ones I use or recommend