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Folkcraft® Black Coated Mountain Dulcimer String Set, Ball Ends (.011" .011" .013" .024"BW)

Item Number 2310022

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Looking for string with brilliance, life, and longevity? Our black coated dulcimer strings are coated which not only extends play time but increases tone, clarity, and feel for a more enjoyable musical experience. The strings in this set are .011, .011, .013 and .024BW. (The strings themselves are made for us by the world-famous "Black Diamond Strings".)

Strings in this set:
Melody strings (2): .011
Middle string: .013
Bass string: .024BW

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Excellent Strings

These were easy to install, and unlike the other strings I've gotten, they've held a tune beautifully -- even right after putting them on. They're also much easier to play on, have excellent resonance, and are warmer in tone than the D'Addario strings.

Okay, so I made a mistake when I was ordering and got ball end strings instead of loop end. Oops! But, I was able to easily remove the balls on the ends to make them into loop ends without damaging most of the strings.

I'm genuinely impressed and will be buying these (or the right version of them) for my dulcimer from here on out.

Folkcraft Dulcimer String Set, Loop Ends

Came promptly and exactly as ordered.

Folkcraft Black Coated Steel String

So far am enjoying the sound they make and definitely like how they look against my black ebony fretboard.

Ball end dulcimer strings

Clear and bright, quite possibly the best on the market. Highly recommend .


I don't know anything about string quality. These seem fine. Service was quick. I do know it is better to get extra because I was replacing on a scroll type and I goofed up one string. Glad I had ordered extra!