Bing Futch - Method For Beginning Mountain Dulcimer

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Bing Futch’s “Method For Beginning Mountain Dulcimer” is the most comprehensive how-to-learn-the-dulcimer book available. You’ll learn the basics, sure, and start playing songs right away. Even better, though, is the depth of content that Bing provides for you in this one incomparable volume - technique, repertoire, theory, history, and FUN!

Once you’ve worked your way through this book, you’ll be a competent dulcimer player that can enjoy playing with any group. You’ll have a great time honing your skills with Bing, and you’ll end up with a wealth of technical skills, music fundamentals, and dulcimer repertoire!

This amazing book includes free downloadable audio files (here's a link to the ZIP file) that you can use to teach your ear how the tunes and exercises should sound.

This book is published by Folkcraft Instruments, under the Fingers Of Steel imprint.

133 pages.