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Aaron O'Rourke - Faster, Cleaner, Better!

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Want to play your dulcimer faster? Cleaner? How about better? Then you're in luck. With a title like "Faster, Cleaner, Better!" you can't go wrong. Aaron O'Rourke lays out practice drills and exercises to increase speed and fluidity without strain. Includes in-depth analysis of fingering choices, ergonomics, and tips for navigating the fretboard easily.

51 pages.

This amazing book includes free downloadable audio files that you can use to teach your ear how the tunes and exercises should sound. Here's a link to the page with the audio files.

This book is published by Folkcraft® Instruments, under the Fingers Of Steel® imprint.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Diana Peterson
Not able to download

We ended up having to buy the book because the download didn’t work for us. I’ve requested a refund but haven’t had any follow up on that.

Terri Cohen
Faster Cleaner Better

This book will be a long term project for me. I am just getting started on my dulcimer journey. This book will be a go to from the beginning as I try to understand fingering and get my hands to work together. The exercises are challenging for me but my hope is that I will improve over time.

Linda B Likavec
Taking the challenge to play better

I found this book through advertising and decided to purchase it. While I doubt I have the desire to play as well as Mr. O'Rourke, it is challenging me to be a better player. I have only started working the exercises but already see where the benefits lie and where I have already begun the process of playing more smoothly and with greater skill and dexterity.

cynthia Lee
Excellent Help for Better Practice Sessions

Aaron O’Rourke’s “Faster, Cleaner, Better” is helping me practice more systematically with noticeable daily improvement and enjoyment. Hammer-ons and pull-offs, for example, are illustrated within easy practice scale intervals. I re

Faster, Cleaner, Better! by Aaron O’Rourke

My first dulcimer lessons was Beginners Boot Camp at Black Mountain in October, 2021. I have been jammin’ using two chord strumming accompaniment, staying off the melody string in order to keep up with the group. I knew over the holidays that I needed to transcend into the melody string sometime. I read the Folkcraft news letter; “Faster, Cleaner, Better!” was the topic. I have only worked through two chapters and immediately applied some of the techniques. Example, using your “pinky” for bar chords. I am excited to continue learning to play Melodie’s the correct way, rather than trying to correct my fumbling old way. The book also offers the concept that the best way is the easiest. But sometimes you may not be doing the easiest, because change is difficult, you need to give it a try. Excellent book for learning, great investment!