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Design Your Own FolkRoots® D Series Mountain Dulcimer

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The FolkRoots D Series mountain dulcimer has our larger body style – 8” wide, 2 1/4” sides, and has a rich, powerful tone. Choose the body (back, sides, head, fretboard) and top woods. Then, choose your head preference, scale length, and sound holes. The FolkRoots D Series dulcimers all have a 1 3/8" wide fretboard.

FolkRoots dulcimers all feature our larger California-style body. This larger body has been a hallmark of the FolkRoots dulcimers since the early 1970s, and this larger body gives these instruments a big, mellow, guitar-like tone quality.  Here's an article that discusses Kentucky style dulcimers versus California style dulcimers.

Each of our handmade dulcimers comes with our best soft carrying case, made here in the Folkcraft workshop. Our rigid case, which offers more protection, is available for an upcharge. Strap buttons are also included.

There are a lot of options to choose when designing an instrument for us to make for you. We have a reference/resource page here, and you're always welcome to contact us for help and guidance in making great choices.

Please allow eight to twelve weeks for shipping on your custom-built instrument.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
JoAnne Ivory
Baritone dulcimer

Ordering the instrument was very easy, and the instrument was completed well within the estimated timeframe. I like the way the instrument looks and sounds, and I’m enjoying getting to know my new dulcimer!

Steve Parker
Love it!

My Folkcraft dulcimer is not only a magnificently sounding instrument but a work of art.
Richard Ash is a genius and the Folkcraft staff is responsive and competent.
I would recommend Folkcraft to anyone who values the majesty of sound, ease of playability, and spectacular to the eye.

Dale Jablonski
Love it but with an *

Thank you for the beautiful dulcimer. It is my second dulcimer. I was reluctant to "treat" myself to a second instrument but finally decided to spoil myself and to get a Folkcraft. It sounds fantastic and I wanted the added frets to increase my range. My only disappointment was I added in the comment section on the order form that I requested a 2nd melody string be added and that did not happen.

Dorothy Miner
Folkroots D Series Dulcimer

After many months playing an inexpensive beginner’s dulcimer I finally was able to purchase this beauty. It’s a FolkRoots with cherry body and cherry top. It sounds great, feels great, and is such a joy to play. It puts my old learner instrument to shame. (I’ll keep the old one for sentimental reasons because it’s the one that got me hooked.) I look forward to many years of enjoyment playing my new friend.

Susie C.
Big/Warm Tone

My first ever dulcimer was a FolkRoots D Series. It was back in the day when the VSL was only 29". I loved its tone, but not the long VSL, so I sold it. Fast forward a few years and along comes Richard, who gives us our choice on VSL. Perfect! Now, you can have the great tone of D Series (big and warm) with the shorter VSL for those of us who play chord/melody.