Dulcimer Carrying Case For Folkcraft® Double Neck Dulcimers

Item number 2326374, Regular price $96.00

If you plan on using your double neck dulcimer for more than just decoration, then you are going to need some form of protection when you take your instrument on the road. This black carrying case not only keeps your instrument from getting scratched up, but also contains soft padding to protect the instrument from dents and dings. Our case fits all of our double neck dulcimers, and is equipped with a pocket to carry accessories such as picks and capos. A detachable shoulder strap is also included.
When laying flat, these cases measure 45" x 16" which makes them suitable for instruments up to 42" long, 12 1/2" wide, and 4" high (including the fretboard and machine heads).  If you have a dulcimer that won't fit in this gig bag, we'll be happy to make one that is a perfect fit for your instrument.
This dulcimer case is handmade in Woodburn, Indiana in the Folkcraft Instruments workshop.