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Folkcraft® Mountain Dulcimer Nuts And Bridges, Black Delrin, 1 1/2" Wide, Pack Of Six

Item Number 2320153

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Our molded Delrin mountain dulcimer bridge/nut pieces are black colored and fit our pre-slotted fingerboards, or any fingerboard with 1/8" wide bridge/nut slots. The grooves molded into the top edge of our bridge/nut pieces are appropriate for both three and four-string dulcimers. These bridge/nut pieces are 1/8" thick, 3/8" high and 1 1/2" wide.

The second photo above (with three blue diagrams) shows some of the  different ways that you can set up our Delrin nut and bridge pieces. In our diagrams, the small circles above the string slots represent the strings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Doug Schooler
Nut, bridge and string anchor pins.

Nothing but quality at Folkcraft. Very satisfied!

Jo Griesmer

These nuts and bridges work perfectly!

Gary Hile
Good stuff.

I bought the bone delrin nuts/bridges (6 pack). Came quick and excellent quality. Even though I was only trying to replace a nut that I broke, I was pleased by its multiple string configuration design and because the tone is better imo.

Charles T
If your absent minded.

Your working on a dulcimer to get back to tip top condition. You notice the nut and bridge are loose.. You don't want to lose them and you put them up where they won't get lost. You ready to put strings back on . Now did I put that nut and bridge? Don't worry Folkcraft has what you can't remember. They are marked for various possibilities. You'll find that nut and bridge the next time. Great people, Great products.

peter Sixbey
Great string

Great string as described . Highly recommend!