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Folkcraft® Mountain Dulcimer Kerfing, African Mahogany, Package Of Four Eighteen-Inch Pieces

Item Number 2340035

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Mahogany is an almost perfect wood for dulcimer kerfing, and is the material that we recommend. Each piece measures 3/16" by 3/16" by 18". This package contains 4 pieces. To fully kerf a dulcimer on top and bottom requires around 120", which would be eight pieces (two packages of four pieces). Contact us for any questions about these mountain dulcimer parts.

Customer Reviews

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Cherry dulcimer kit

Love everything about my new dulcimer I built. The kit arrived on time, had all the parts and pieces needed, and was fun to build. The instructions were a little confusing but not bad. I had a question and called them. They thoroughly explain it and were very happy to help me. I had to order two new top pieces which was my mistake and the ship them out promptly. I am thinking of ordering another kit maybe in walnut this time. I would recommend them to anyone.


great people to work with


The sides, top pieces, bottom and misc parts are all great with one exception. The string grooves in the nut and bridge parts do not seem to line up with where i think the strings should be. I would prefer these pieces not to have the grooves molded in. But all the wood parts are quite fine.


All in all, I am very happy with my dulcimer. I would make one suggestion, in order to avoid a problem I had (self-caused, but still a problem). I think the tops should be done cutting the sound holes first, then attaching to the fret-board, and then cutting to fit the body. This way, if there's a little error in attaching the top to the fret-board, there is no problem cutting the top accurately to the shape of the body.


Great services and high quality materials.