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Folkcraft® Quick-Release 2" Wide Dulcimer/Ukulele Strap, Green

Item Number 2310042

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Our stylish 2" wide nylon straps are a full 55" long when fully extended. They are designed to securely hold your instrument while you're making music. We've installed a quick release buckle at both ends of the strap, so you can leave the leather tabs installed on your instrument, even when it is in your case.
These straps are handmade in the Folkcraft workshop in Woodburn, Indiana. We use a durable webbing (strap material), heavyweight leather tabs (for long life without stretching out of shape), and the best plastic quick-release buckles on the market.

Do you have an instrument with no strap buttons (or with just one strap button)? It's easy to install your own strap buttons. Here's a video that shows you how!

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Great Strap

Easy to use

Easy to use strap.

Exactly what was needed.

Quick release dulcimer strap

Untying or unbuttoning straps is a pain. With the quick release strap you simply unclip either end with ease. When putting the dulcimer away I unclip both ends and roll up the belt. I have 3 dulcimers and will likely order more.

Very nice strap

I usually use the 1" strap (which I prefer), but the 2" strap is also very nice. For some heavier, more-substantial dulcimers, this one might be better than the 1" strap. Either way, this is the only strap I ever use anymore.

Dulcimer Strap is sturdy

I find this strap to be very sturdy. I love the fact it breaks away in two spots. I am going to get a 1 1/2 in strap for my ukuleles with pickups that have large buttons that are difficult to get a strap on and off. This solves that problem.