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Appalachian Dulcimer Pickup
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$144.95, Item number 2312407JY
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$253.60, Item number 5311557JY
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$325.94, Item number 5311558JY

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 Appalachian Dulcimer Pickup
When you need to amplify your Appalachian dulcimer, but don't want to modify your instrument with a permanent installation (like with our L.R. Baggs or Fishman pickups), then why don't you try our Schatten Design pickup?
This pickup mounts on the outside of your dulcimer, using two-sided tape. You attach the piezo unit itself to the soundboard, and the output jack assembly to either the back or the tailblock of your instrument. (You can use screws to attach the output jack assembly permanently, if you desire, but tape works fine too.)
Add an amplifier, and you're set to go!

How to purchase this item: To purchase "Appalachian Dulcimer Pickup", just click on the "Buy Now" button on the left. You will then have the option of placing your order online or ordering by mail, fax or phone.
Questions: If you have any questions about "Appalachian Dulcimer Pickup", or would like to ask a sales representative about another product, call us toll free at (800) 433-3655. For your convenience, our phone lines are open from
Monday through Friday - 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM
All phone hours are Eastern time
When people think of heirloom-quality instruments, they think of Folkcraft. Here's why: Our instruments are handmade in the United States of America, not in a cheap overseas factory. Our instruments are crafted one at a time, not on an assembly line. Our instruments are made of solid woods, not out of plywood.
Folkcraft instruments are made with pride and tradition, using the same methods as our founders used in 1968. Folkcraft Instruments is a family business, with two generations of luthiers putting their skill and experience into every instrument they create.
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