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Folkcraft Hourglass Dulcimer Kit
Are you a luthier or an aspiring luthier? Try one of our amazing kits complete with all the parts to build your own four string dulcimer. All you need to supply are tools, glue, and some time. Choose the tone wood for the body and another tone wood for the soundboard. If you like, you can choose one of our tone hole designs and we'll cut them into the soundboard for you.









Tone Holes
Normally, we ship kits without tone holes; but, we can cut the tone holes for you.


























Fret Configuration
Retail Price for this Model: $185.00
When people think of heirloom-quality instruments, they think of Folkcraft. Here's why: Our instruments are handmade in the United States of America, not in a cheap overseas factory. Our instruments are crafted one at a time, not on an assembly line. Our instruments are made of solid woods, not out of plywood.
Folkcraft instruments are made with pride and tradition, using the same methods as our founders used in 1968. Folkcraft Instruments is a family business, with two generations of luthiers putting their skill and experience into every instrument they create.
Would you like to contact us?
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